About us

 Baby Mama Company is a start up business that has been created by close friends, that ended up becoming pregnant and sharing their experiences of first time motherhood together. 

Throughout their pregnancy and afterwards, Nadiyah and Anita has noticed and experienced changes to their skin. They both shared similar symptoms, so they decided to embark on a quest to educate themselves and find a natural and affordable cure. This resulted in them creating their own range of natural skincare products to maintain skin during and after pregnancy. 


Our products are primarily designed to combat stretch marks however there are many other benefits, which include brightening dark or damaged skin and general skin hydration and moisturising. All of our products are completely natural and cruelty-free, with specifically selected ingredients in each one.  

We are both very passionate as mothers, and have thrived to create something that is beneficial to all other mothers like us, and hopefully reach a wider audience in the future. Ultimately our aim is to make mothers feel body confident, despite all of the physical changes pregnancy can put their bodies through.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site, and can find something that will work for you as it has done for us!

Be Bare and Beautiful – Be Baby Mama